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Tuesday, September 30, 2003 :::
Now this article is normal... FOR THE STATE OF ALABAMA

Alabama man threatens to kill son after Tide loss
The Associated Press

PINSON, Ala., -- A Pinson man was charged with attempted murder for holding a gun to his son's head and pulling the trigger in the midst of a tantrum after Alabama's double overtime loss to Arkansas Saturday, authorities said.

The bullet narrowly missed 20-year-old Seth Logan, who said he picked the wrong time to ask his dad for a car, sheriff's spokesman Deputy Randy Christian said Monday.

Joseph Alan Logan, 46, surrendered to police Saturday and was charged with attempted murder and domestic violence. He was released from the Jefferson County jail Sunday on $7,500 bond.

"I know we take football serious in the South," Christian told The Birmingham News for a Tuesday story, "but that's crossing the line."

The request upset Joseph Logan because his son has already wrecked several vehicles, Logan told investigators.

"He claimed he was just trying to scare his son," Christian said.

According to the police report, Joseph Logan had been drinking alcohol and began slamming doors, tossing boxes and throwing dishes in the sink after the Crimson Tide lost its football game to Arkansas, 34-31 in double overtime, Saturday.

While Joseph Logan was throwing the tantrum, Seth Logan asked for a new car.

Joseph Logan then retrieved a 9 mm pistol from his car, grabbed his son by the collar and pressed the gun to his son's forehead, the report said.

Logan threatened to shoot his son in the head, then pulled the trigger.

Seth Logan moved his head just as his father fired and the bullet whizzed past him, the report said.

Seth Logan fled to a neighbor's house to call police. He told police his ear was numb and his head ringing, but he was OK.

Sheriff's authorities called the SWAT team after discovering the armed father still had a 13-year-old son in the house with him.

Joseph Alan Logan walked out of the house with the other son and turned himself in to police just before the SWAT team arrived, Christian said.

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Monday, September 29, 2003 :::
Queer Eye for the Straight Girl

Tamee and Vikee spent the weekend outside of Charleston decoratin' for Karen (a.k.a. Candee). That trailer was a mess when them girls got to South Carolina, but by the end of the weekend we even had the nicotine stains off of the Levolors.

Seriously, Candee's pad is rockin'. Her porch overlooks horse pastures and the Wando River Marshlands. Tamee and Vikee didn't get to enjoy the farm, because they worked from 8 am to 9 pm on Saturday. And continued Sunday from 8 am to NOON. Lord. Tamee needs a NAP. Her whole body aches.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a Wal Mart near the trailer park. I'm sure there will be soon.

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Friday, September 26, 2003 :::
Who Am I To Disagree?

I meant to e-mail Liz yesterday to see how her birthday party went. I actually meant to e-mail her all week. I've been slammed and forgot.

I also meant to e-mail Danielle. I saw her Wednesday night and she looks so cute pregnant. I wanted to let her know. I forgot that too. Sorry, Dani.

Instead it all came together in my dream. I dreamt Liz was pregnant. She also had four kids. They all belonged to Greg. However, she was not the mom. Don't ask! She was really the grandmother. I don't get it either! The rest is a blur, but it was all so strange.

See, Rodney... you're not the only one with strange dreams lately. I gotta get outta here. I'm off to Charleston.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003 :::
Rock the Vote

Blah, blah, blah. Get out of the way and make room for a viable candidate. Seriously!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003 :::
new music

FYI, Seal's new CD is amazing...

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 :::
On the road again

Ok. Ok. I spent a weekend in Atlanta. It was great, but I'm ready to leave town again. We're off to Charleston this weekend. The weekends of October 4 and October 25 will be in Athens cheering for the Georgia Bulldogs. The weekend of November 7 we'll be in the North Georgia Mountains. That's good. I'm not feeling so trapped in this town now.

Is it Friday yet? I love roadtrips in the fall. I love autumn period.

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Saturday, September 20, 2003 :::
Lovely Lady

We have the unique privledge of housing Bret's bestfriend (and my dear friend) Laleh this weekend. Her arrival was delayed by Isabel on Thursday, but the moment I laid eyes on her the fun began. She's one of those amazing people that has the most grounding and centering affects on me. So far the visit has included fantastic meals, unbeatable conversation, warm comforting smiles and a very controlled afternoon of shopping.

In the tradition of Friday, we sat on our deck last night. We spun my new CDs, all of which are killer. We danced. We laughed. Some were missed.

Time to gear up for her 35th Birthday Celebration TONIGHT. It is also time to start planning next summer's vacation. It seems a trip to visit John and Laleh in Edinburgh for Festival is in order. *grin*

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003 :::
Sixth Sense

I see a crazy person! I got an e-mail from a crazy person. Someone needs to be locked into a mental ward. Someone SCARES ME.

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Hey, YOU!

I had an awesome jog home from the gym this morning. Right before I left the gym I saw you coming out of the locker room. I went out the front door and started down Ponce Place. Thank God the guy who works on his car and smokes in his driveway every morning was not out today. He always tries to strike up a conversation as I pass.

I turned up Virginia and passed the same two fat guys I pass every morning. They always look like they're about to fall over. Keep runnin' and stop eatin', tubby! And then I saw a middle school girl hop out of her family van. She was angry about something. I could tell by the way she slammed the door. Of course, if that man were my father... I'd be angry too.

My turn onto North Highland brought more adventure. I passed a mob of beautiful women. Courteous drivers allowed me to run through crosswalks before they attempted to drive forward. Obviously, they are people who live in town! I saw the perfect decorative pillows in Delaware Trading Company for our bed. The smell of Alon's tempted me to destroy the efforts of my workout. I saw a pair of paintings in Modern Primitive that I really want. And then, it happened. A rude driver from Cobb County nearly hit me in an intersection before I turned onto Lenox. Stupid FUCKER!

Lenox Road is usually the most boring part of my run. There are never any interesting events, but today was different. The gay man in the Miata did not need the rainbow sticker on the back. We already knew you were gay, honey! The gay doctor who was ogling me changed his tune when he realized who I was. Hey older man! I'm married. I heard a horn blow and LORD HAVE MERCY it was Sssssssstrip! He passes me often on the way to work

At the end of Lenox Road I was greeted by an elder gentleman. We exchanged a few quick pleasantries about the weather. And then it hit me; there are so many similarities between gay men and older men. We just know so much more than our younger, straighter counterparts. FO' REAL! I made it to the crosswalk on Cheshire Bridge and almost had another thing in common with the older man: being closer to death. The idiot in his leased BMW forgot to yield to the pedestrian. Hmmmmmm. Stupid FUCKER!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 :::
I think your daisy dukes are REAL classy!

I received an invitation to a wedding this afternoon. I do not know the bride well; and I have never met the groom. So, I found the receipt of an invitation STRANGE! I guess someone needs an extra stem of crystal or something. Hmmmm.

We have plans on the day of the wedding. In an attempt to RSVP promptly, I filled out the card. As I sealed the self-addressed envelope I noticed there was no stamp. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm trying to be mean here. Come on. It is only correct to stamp the envelope. Now I don't feel an obligation to respond or attend.

If I were attending, I think I would go as Tamee. She would fit in better than Walt anyway...

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Monday, September 15, 2003 :::
one more try

I knew sending my regrets to the wedding would have negative results. I just couldn't make it. I was busy in Florida at a conference.

Let's see if I can mend this situation.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2003 :::
Fifty Things I Miss About Provincetown

I miss our house.
I miss the front porch.
I miss our view.
I miss the bikes.
I miss the Boatslip.
I miss the Lobster Pot.
I miss the new friends.
I miss time with old friends.
I miss good drag.
I miss bad drag.
I miss hat parties.
I miss meeting Carson.
I miss him telling me that my hat was fabulous.
I miss dancing.
I miss laughing.
I miss Joelene LAUGHING.
I miss P'twon.
I miss Jeannine.
I miss Tamee.
I miss Bret's friend with piercings.
I miss dancing with Brad.
I miss trying to find Russ.
I miss MESSES.
I miss the sun.
I miss the rain.
I miss the screwy brakes on my bike.
I miss hauling beer on the back of my bike.
I miss packs of cigarettes that costs $5.00.
I miss bike trails.
I miss our blue bedroom.
I miss the view from our blue bedroom.
I miss waiting in line for the shower.
I miss waiting in line for the toilet.
I miss meeting new people.
I miss the Atlanta Crew.
I miss our drag bbq.
I miss the A-House.
I miss the evening air.
I miss shopping.
I miss the breeze.
I miss naps.
I miss everyone in our house.
I miss climbing Pilgrim Monument.
I miss the view from the top.
I miss watching waves.
I miss riding to the grocery store in the rain.
I miss Su and Jill arriving.
I miss watching my man in the sun.
I miss the beautiful tree.
I miss the smell of the air.

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linky link

My friend Megan sent me this link... check it out.

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Monday, September 08, 2003 :::
Hey P'Town

I do not have time to adequately describe my amazing vacation this morning. I will have to do it later this week... before I head to Florida. I do, however, have to say it was more fun than I imagined. I even woke up to a P'Town inspired dream this morning. The entire dream was about Philip and myself riding bikes around my office. We were racing up and down hallways... LAUGHING.

That's not such a bad way to go back to work, now is it?!

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