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Monday, June 30, 2003 :::
another loss

Katharine Hepburn moves on at 96...

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Friday, June 27, 2003 :::

This week was chocked full of events. Drama. Stalking. Death. Death. Death. And yet another death. I have kicked major ass at work. I have lost eight pounds in the last two weeks. P'town, people. P'town. Just ask Missy. I lunched with Danielle, who happens to be one of the sweetest people I know. Philip and I chatted about you last night, D. You're going to be the best Mother. Trust.

So now it is time for us to get our hair did and enjoy a Friday afternoon of no work. I swear these storms are threatening to hinder our weekend of fun on Lake Lanier. I, however, refuse to let that happen. Even if it means dragging Philip by his ears up to the lake. I will do it. Especially after our grocery store trip last night. We have enough food for every person who has ever read my blog.

Rain. Shine. Whatever. I'm going to enjoy my weekend, as much as Beyonce enjoyed being on the Today Show's stage this morning. I must say... she is quite the entertainer. She is the evolution of a woman. Uh huh!

I'm a faggot, you're a faggot... wouldn't you like to be a faggot too?


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Thursday, June 26, 2003 :::
In the great words of Gary Coleman...

"Those who come from the sea, must return to the sea." I remember the episode well. Arnold flushed his dead fish down the toilet and called those words. Now, I must say good-bye to Phat Beau Emmit. He was the coolest Beta Fish I've known. He swam and never argued. He never got angry when I didn't take him on walks. He never complained if we were up too late. He just was.

Bye Phat Beau Emmit. First, Maynard Jackson. Then, Lester Maddox. And now... PHAT BEAU EMMIT.

**I'm sick. I'm having fun calling people and pretending I am crying... LORT! FREAK.

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For She's a Jolly Good Fellow

Let's give three shouts for Pollyana Pride! That's it. We're coming back from the lake with A MISSION...

We're gonna show our Pride!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003 :::

i'm still exhausted from the events of the weekend. sunday night the police called to inform us parker's stalker attacked him. he was arrested and parker needed to identify him. philip and parker went to virginia highland. it was him. he was foaming at the mouth and rocking in the back seat of the police car. he also had drugs on him. he's in jail now. his threats to rape, attack and harm my sister will sit with him behind bars. his home behind the dumpster does not pose a threat today. the whole situation was eye-opening. i'm considering giving my sister my dog for additional protection in her new house. we're also going to take a self-defense class together when she returns from her fourth of july trip.

don't fuck with my sister. don't fuck with me. and don't piss me off.

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Saturday, June 21, 2003 :::
And I mean it, MOTHER FUCKER

How dare him.
I'll kill him.
Don't fuck with my baby sister.
Don't fuck with me.
Don't fuck with a nineteen-year-old girl.
I cannot even write the words you said.
I can promise to make you pay.
I can promise to fuck you over.
I will haunt you.
I will ruin you.
Don't fuck with me.

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Friday, June 20, 2003 :::
Not even a mouse

Philip is still out of town for an industry trade show/seminar. Experience taught me these periodic breaks are healthy. I've enjoyed additional time with my sister and some friends; the weekend plans allow for more of the same. Last night I even cooked asparagus.

But each time the point arrives when the house is notably quiet. I notice the comforts of a sweet, deep voice do not flow through our home. And last night... before I got into bed... I stood and gazed... it looked so strange empty. And uninviting. The duvet, which is normally pulled neatly over our bed, was balled in the middle of the bed with pillows. The warm comforts of snuggling behind my partner were not an option. The pillows did not compare.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003 :::


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Monday, June 16, 2003 :::
Lions and Tigers and Mosquitoes

People. I spent three months gloating in the beautiful weather here in the A-T-L. No longer. Today was not overwhelmingly warm, but we reached a point that is indicative of our summer. Humid. Hot. Still. Bugs. Swarming. Biting. Annoying. Philip and I became accustomed to enjoying our backyard this spring. We attempted to enjoy a few cocktails outside and were accosted by freaking mosquitoes.

When I got into the shower my ass itched. I took off my running shorts and counted TWELVE bites on my ass. They itch. They are uncomfortable. And they define one of the reasons I hate summer in Atlanta. I want a house in Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine to rescue me from these bugs and the impending, unbearable humidity.

Does anyone care to invest with us? We'll let you enjoy the winter and we'll take the summer. We're giving like that.

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Sunday, June 15, 2003 :::
That's right

The weekend. Bretwina's party on Friday was fun. A small group commenced our own festivities at Philip and my home. We went early into the morning, but the sun did not rise before my eyes were closed. Saturday was more like a Sunday. We went to Su and Jill's for Lakewood and brunch. We stayed at Su and Jill's until 5.30 and skipped Lakewood. We were joined by a few other fags and numerous dykes Drinks, sweetie. Drinks!

Some of the same crowd gathered at Dale's for libations. Parker, Philip and I went to dinner at Cavu and forfeited another evening of boy parties.

We came home, Parker in tow, and were ready for bed. Parker ran back to her apartment to pick up things to spend the evening here. By the time she returned Philip and I were out of bed for aftersexwater. We stood in the kitchen boxer clad. Philip scooped himself ice cream. I packed myself a little bowl. Parker walked into the kitchen and we were all doing are own thing. She broke the silence with, "You both have boners! You just had SEX!"


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Friday, June 13, 2003 :::
Friday, June 13, 2003

sad news...

*Gregory Peck

*David Brinkley

better news...

*Luther Vandros

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Thursday, June 12, 2003 :::

Those who come from politics, return to politics... What will happen to his educational, informative, life-enriching talk show?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 :::
Break it down...

...just like TEENA:

-Um! Fucking Republican...

-I have a dream. My dream involves a personalized license tag. The license tag says 'MEAN'! Whatchathink?

-Tamee wants to live in MONTANA

-I want to go to Amsterdam again this summer.

-Why only 63?


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Tuesday, June 10, 2003 :::
um, ok

THIS picture of Lily Tomlin sums up why I think she is so great. Look at that laugh. I do not know what spurred it, but I love it! The world needs more of it.

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Monday, June 09, 2003 :::
dear diary,

it is monday morning and i'm happy. i drank too much this weekend, so today will be a very nice change.



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Saturday, June 07, 2003 :::

I've had the most uneventful day, but it has still been filled with events. It's so funny how that works. I mostly recovered from dinner at Steve and Cliff's. We had a lovely evening strolling through the streets of Grant Park. The rain slowed to a point several times and allowed us to enjoy the three block walk. Dinner was delightful. My friends are fabulously entertaining. My head still hurts.

This must be the weekend of dinner at the home of friends. Tonight we're heading up to JJ's, where I will prepare dinner. I've prepped everything; my cooler is packed with tupperware. I'm considering packing my swim trunks, so I can dive into the pool when it is time to sober up.

In other news, I cannot believe the first gay man elected Bishop of the Episcopal church was in New Hampshire. Isn't that George W. Bush country? Fags in the church? Yowzer.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 :::
If I can make it there

And THAT'S a good thing... Sorry, Martha.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003 :::
Take me back...

I just pulled up my Memorial Day pics on Ofoto. LORT, Take me back. My boyfriend was so butch. And me, well I was intoxicated too!

So, next vacation please!

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All night long...

My entire house shook last night. I nearly jumped out of bed when the roar of thunder surrounded me. Our windows were open; and it made the storm seem louder. There is something about a storm that is comforting, but last night the sounds were too violent. I did not find much comfort in the flashes and booms. I kept expecting a bolt to strike outside of my bedroom window. It certainly would not hurt our A/C. It has been inoperable since Saturday afternoon! Our repair guy cannot get here until tomorrow. I am just glad this happened in June instead of July or August. Oy!

Rain, rain, rain. That is the forecast for today. We've had so much rain that we're beginning to receive warnings about snakes. People are finding them everywhere. The lakes and rivers are so high that they are all just climbing out and making their way into our yards. Luckily, our lawn is mowed. I will continue to mow it every other day to prevent any snakes from calling my yard home... IF I HAVE TO. I swear.

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Monday, June 02, 2003 :::

Spring/Summer has me kicked into overdrive. I do not feel like I've stopped much lately. 'Go' is my mantra. Thursday night we tried a new Greek restaurant in our neighborhood. Yum. We returned with a big crew on Saturday night. John, Philip and I were already surrounded by lesbians... so we joined them in a cameo at My Sister's Room.

Friday night we went to Sherri and David's for dinner. They have the cutest two year-old son. We spent Saturday in the North Georgia Mountains, "hiking." It mostly consisted of Philip, Su, Jill and myself finding a spot to picnic on a river and drinking. Imagine. The weather was perfect and it served as a nice substitue to our original camping plans. Sunday morning I slept very late, or I lounged late. After waking, mowing the lawn and lifting... we made our way to the Sunday pool party at JJ's. It was a perfect ending to a nice weekend.

Next weekend I want to stay a little closer to home. Maybe it is just Monday, but I'm feeling the need for a tad bit less alcohol. Shew.

::: posted by me at 2.6.03



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