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Saturday, August 31, 2002 :::

completely relaxed and smiling

when i glanced out the window this morning i noticed the overcast. it appears another cloudy, cooler day is being designed especially for atlanta by dear mother nature. i feel the onset of autumn. i know it is here. it is my FAVORITE time of year.

i adore everything encompassed by fall. i find the commencement of classes for students to be extremely motivating. without fail i become more productive in every thing i do. i find this season to be more of a new year than january 1st; both in theory and practice.

the leaves falling are cleansing and making room for the anticipated, but delayed newness of spring. the evening air suggesting a sweater and perhaps a jacket, if you are lucky. playing in the park with your dog. reading a book outside in the crisp air.

who needs christmas when we have the most wonderful season upon us?

::: posted by me at 31.8.02

Friday, August 30, 2002 :::


who knew?!?! i'm going to have the opportunity to make a wedding. edna called me last night with the news of her engagement. i do not know the date, but it's time for me to attend a wedding.

ready for this weekend. i'll even get to see edna in athens at the UGA v. clemson game on saturday. most of the weekend is slotted for down time at home. cannot wait.

congrats, edna. cannot wait to see you tomorrow!

::: posted by me at 30.8.02

Thursday, August 29, 2002 :::
here comes a bride

in the last twelve months i have not attended the weddings of three close friends. scheduling. timing. scheduling. timing. location. whatever. i have missed a significant day in very signicant people's lives. i am missing yet another wedding this weekend. my dear friend laleh will be wed in the UK. john and bret will be in attendance. they will represent our crew well (clearing throat). i will be home sending good vibes across the atlantic.

i am missing another wedding next weekend. it is the wedding of my cousin. as previously discussed, the wedding was scheduled for october. her fiancee's sperm called an egg of her's home too quickly and the date has been rushed forward. i cannot rearrange my schedule to join the fun because of a work engagement. i still feel guilty.

i must improve my attendance. am i a bad friend for missing all of these weddings? i am establishing a weak wedlock attendance reputation. why do i think this is ok? i do not frown upon the union of marriage. i have no fears of commitment.

i want to be at these events. i love these people. maybe it is just the guilt left from my own wedding and divorce. no... that's not it. maybe i decided to be fair to ALL of my engaged friends: if i cannot attend one, i will miss them all.

::: posted by me at 29.8.02

Wednesday, August 28, 2002 :::

she did sing to cliff, steve, philip and me last night. however, i was not quite blown away. i think seeing cindy lauper in a wheelchair was more interesting than the majority of cher's show. cliff nailed it when he compared the dancers to the performers in cats. the show was not bad; it just was not as over-the-top as i anticipated.

being on the road by eight o'clock this morning for meetings in chattanooga was a task after last night. i was thankful for a cooler day and many clouds shielding me from the summer georgia sun. it screams the near arrival of autumn. cloudy days. cooler weather. i cannot wait. it makes atlanta a great place to live, despite our INEPT PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM!

::: posted by me at 28.8.02

Tuesday, August 27, 2002 :::

a gypsy tuesday

uh huh. that's right. sing to me tonight!!!!

::: posted by me at 27.8.02

Monday, August 26, 2002 :::
monday is marvelous

i knew i did not want to climb out of bed today. i knew it. i say it every fucking week: I HATE MONDAY. each time i feel it, the emotion is more justified. we finally woke and went to the gym. i think the alarm sounded fifteen times before i even acknowledged the arrival of the monday monster.

i am sitting bret's dogs while he hops around europe for two and a half weeks. en route to work i stopped in to feed, water and love the two bitches. they were not there. yes, my friend's dogs are missing in action. i called philip. we began a frantic area search. no luck. nothing.

i spent the morning in the office calling the area dog pounds. they were not helpful. luckily, i checked bret's voicemail. bret's neighbor saw the girls running down a street three miles from our neighborhood. she recognized them, picked them up and brought them to her home. unfortunately, the fence is down in bret's yard. we can thank the old, dead tree for that.

betty and bailey are at my house. i am working from home. this is how monday likes to treat me. do you see what i fucking mean? do you see?

::: posted by me at 26.8.02

Sunday, August 25, 2002 :::

remember me?

the fun part of moving is finding forgetten memorabilia: treasures and junk from your past. the awful part of moving is lugging said memorabilia from point a to point b. with the exception of a few odds and ends my belongings are housed in my new home. it is an awesome feeling in so many ways.

starting this part of my life with philip lacks an ounce of fear. there is too much security, comfort and confidence in what we have. i still look at him the way i did a year and a half ago. i love his faults and strengths. i think it's so easy because there are so many strengths and so few faults. we mesh. our lives are meshing. i think the bad karma due me is nearing an end.

we just have a few loose ends to tie this morning. we have a quick workout. the rest of the day entails typical sunday frolics. pools. beers. friends. laughter. unhealthy dinner. television. snuggle.

by the way, i cannot wait to enjoy pools through laughter with you!

::: posted by me at 25.8.02

Saturday, August 24, 2002 :::
is this too boring?

::: posted by me at 24.8.02

my daddy's gone crazy

last night philip and i were on the way home from a work function. we were a little liquored up. we were feeling frisky, so all telephone lines lead to YOU. ms. boyd answered the phone slurring. when he said, "this is steve. i am going to red chair." i thought i was talking to you.

philip and i were so concerned about steve driving home from john's (and back out after changing clothes). we buzzed him amidst our costume change. however, steve sounded very sober. within a few seconds i had an epiphany. i was speaking with ms. boyd at mr. brown's house. too many steve's were confusing me.

moving on, i want a quick call from bret. i want to know if he is loving amsterdam the way i did. i'm certain the weather is even better now. i'm sure the people are simple and simply interesting. i'm sure the pace of the city is steady, but non-threatening. certainly boaters cruise the rivers. if you are hungry, there is awesome food on every street. if you want to smokie-smoke: YOU ARE HOME. have fun bretwina!

::: posted by me at 24.8.02

Friday, August 23, 2002 :::

we are family!

i swear my family is more interesting than the young and the restless. someone placed a curse on us a long time ago and i live the aftershock. it is baffling. from the outside we all look like the cleavers. everything seems so nice and perfect. when you open the door you see we are more wacked than you ever imagined. if there is a glitch to find, we do!

are you a homo? hi, my name is faggot phelps. are you a drunk? hi my name is lushy licious. do you smoke pot? hello, family member of mine! sex without a condom? you're going to get prego!

cousin number three is knocked up. poor thing. it is literally eight weeks before her wedding. she's just finished law school. she and her fiancee bought a house and have been living together for two years, but mister man shot the loaded sperm a little early.

i want to know which of my ancestors fucked up so badly and left these mishaps for us. doesn't an eye for an eye apply to the one who does the actual wrong? i guess this ancestor lost two eyes and saved the rest for us.

i'm going to try to fuck something up today. wish me well.

::: posted by me at 23.8.02

Wednesday, August 21, 2002 :::


i am not certain i can completely convey the comedy of my bucktoof driving encounter today. after an appointment i picked my sister up from her last class downtown this afternoon. we were en route to the grocery store and home.

a lady in a pick-up was having difficulty remaining in her lane. she was within inches of slamming into the side of my car. parker and i responded in anger. i blew the horn. we both yelled at her.

our yellow-crocked-bucktoof friend informed me i was an asshole. as the babble ceased, she closed the window. it came up so quickly that it hit her teeth and knocked her head back.

i'm still laughing. is that really mean?

::: posted by me at 21.8.02

Tuesday, August 20, 2002 :::

me time!

i spent the last fourty-five minutes with me. i caught up on a few emails. i read blogs. i love when the obligations of a day allow for extra time before five. through reading blogs and catching up on emails, i realized i have not added amy to my daily links. well, check the new link doodle to the left. she's with us now.

i'm so excited about tonight. you all know what it is. it's my favorite television night. it is time for me to live my dream through the final four american idols. who will get the ax this week? who will fall on their face? my vote would leave justin headless, but i fear it will be the punk lil' nikki. the songs tonight are hits from the 80s and 90s! each of the finalist will sing two songs. please, please, please... no whitney. i cannot take it.

tuesday=really good!

::: posted by me at 20.8.02


day number two

the second day of the week is never as horrible as the first. at this point i have accomplished a few things. i see a light at the end of the tunnel. yesterday even afforded me the opportunity to visit with my sister and her roommate. being around them makes me want to be in college again. the freedom. the freedom. the freedom.

i briefly spoke with my father this morning. speaking of freedom: he and my mother are enjoying an empty nest. they are in florida with amy's family. our parents go way back: pre-us. navy days. i am sure they're having more fun than we are at work!

tuesday=not so bad.

::: posted by me at 20.8.02

Monday, August 19, 2002 :::


monday's suck. period. i had a great weekend. my sister is moved, but it is monday. monday's suck!

::: posted by me at 19.8.02

Friday, August 16, 2002 :::

word of the day

thanks to liz, i know how to describe my weekend: this weekend walt will have the APLOMB of a social drinker. i am so happy it is friday...

40th birthday gathering this evening. my sister will be making her gay scene debut here. cards saturday night. pool sunday. questions?

::: posted by me at 16.8.02

Thursday, August 15, 2002 :::

bizarre dream barrage

an onslaught of strangeness happened in my sleep. i had sex with a fat, high school cheerleader. she raped me with her tits. she was shoving them into my mouth and forcing me to suck them: dimples and all! the dream ended with me running backwards through a gay pride parade waving gay flag streamers. as if this was not enough, bubba was leading a marching band that parted, like the red sea, for me.

the segue into my next dream is not quite clear, but before i knew it i won the entire american idol competition. i won because of my new haircut. america loved it.

calling all cars, calling all cars....

::: posted by me at 15.8.02

Wednesday, August 14, 2002 :::

and i feel...

i spent the last thirty minutes chatting with one of my gay fraternity brothers about another gay fraternity brother (who happens to be in prison). gay-prison-fraternity-brother (gpfb) was busted stealing money from little old ladies by using their social security number to have credit issued. the third offense landed him in a federal prison. i hate this happened to him. i really do.

the problem is now he writes all of us and asks for money. gpfb comes from a wealthy family. i am certain his parents send him money. gpfb makes numerous claims of being disowned, but some of us talk to his mom and know she visits. so, i feel a little shitty in bashing him for the last thirty minutes, but it is just the way it is. you would expect the lies to end after an unfortunate incarceration. wouldn't you?

in other news: i'm a princess. it's true!

What's Your Sexual MO? Find out @ She's Crafty

::: posted by me at 14.8.02

Tuesday, August 13, 2002 :::


each time i return to my site to read a posted blog i notice another error. i notice an inordinate number of mistakes lately. each effort to blog lately is so rushed and forced. is it time for me to end this exercise? i feel completely stale. none of the interesting thoughts in my head seem to make it to my blogs lately. none of the humor residing within me is portrayed. what's the glitch?

in my last blog i meant to say catalysts; not catalyst. plural. not singular. singular with an 's' looks strange when i am so accustomed to seeing cingular with a 'c' on billboards. is singular still correct? did i spell portrayed correctly? do i have enough time to proof this blog? do i really care? is it friday yet?

i like my new job and all, but my lack of time to play during walt business hours is missed. the upside is i signed another contract this afternoon. keep moving forward. stop looking back.

any questions? no, i do not need medication.

::: posted by me at 13.8.02


seasons change and so do i

i think you are right. i sense change all around me too. i look at the people in my life and the things of importance to me. everything; it is all changing. it is welcomed!!

i feel a calm i have never experienced. i feel a confidence in tomorrow i never trusted. the changes are good. the changes are positive. i think the catalyst are many. aging is damn fun!

::: posted by me at 13.8.02

Monday, August 12, 2002 :::

just a quick rundown

*love well rounded weekends
*friday night began the walt/philip move-in process
*saturday was a fun birthday brunch and then chillin' by a pool
*rocked on at home with cliff and steve & melis and kristie
*a sunday for yardwork and a fun birthday gathering for rick at ms. lish's home
*my sister arrives in atlanta to settle into her new home this week!

::: posted by me at 12.8.02

Friday, August 09, 2002 :::

on the root

bret and i went to dinner at anis last night. i love this restaurant. the ambiance is perfect. the food is incredible. despite the mediocre service (which is a rarity) and the table of junior leaguers having a bachelorette party and cackling like hens, we had a great time.

of course, we got smashed. leaving the restaurant i informed bret of my plan to pee en route to the car. bret asked me who root was. i replied, "you will see on the way to the car." at the time i thought it was the funniest thing i ever said. i think bret did too, as he pointed out the humor in two languages.

::: posted by me at 9.8.02

Thursday, August 08, 2002 :::

what do you envision?

the human mind is so interesting. the way a word or phrase conjures a mental picture in my mind may be completely different from your mind. last night in philip's spin class i realized the mental picture that is created each time he yells, "you're climbing the hill." without fail, i become the biker i saw peddling through yosemite when i was fourteen.

i remember being amazed by the woman's endurance to bike through those hills. i remember the tall, beautiful trees. i remember the amazing mountains. i remember bridge diving with my brother into chilling water. the thought of climbing a hill on a bike has such positive connotation for me. i only wish i could do it as effortlessly as the woman in my mind.

i was reminded of this thought in the gym this morning. the blind guy who works out in my gym was doing a set next to philip and me. i wonder what mental images his mind creates for words. are they remotely similar to reality? are they so abstract i would never understand them?

i am so grateful for my sight. it's simple, but true!

::: posted by me at 8.8.02

Wednesday, August 07, 2002 :::

shopping anyone?

i. am. so. overwhelmed. two weeks out of the office creates a big mess to clean! i can do it!!!

::: posted by me at 7.8.02

Tuesday, August 06, 2002 :::

how do you summarize an amazing vacation into a blog? how do you share the countless number of stories? i do not think it is completely possible. however, i have just returned from one of my favorite vacations in years.

our friend jeff organized and executed a fabulous two week reprieve for us (to him i am most grateful). our days were filled with incredible food, competitive card games (jeff is a great spades partner), amazing sites and shopping (of course). our nights varied as much as the sites of each day. they ranged from dancing (and thinking i was playing cards) to calm dinners. philip and i even took a day trip (in germany) to see my cousin and meet his wife. that was a great experience.

philip and i had one day alone in rome. we saw the forum. we saw the coliseum. we spent our afternoon seeing an amazing city and laughing hysterically. at sunset we were perched near our hotel at the top of the spanish steps. the view from there was incredible. it was one of those beautiful memories i will treasure for years.

overall zurich and switzerland were my favorite. the weather. the architecture. the people. the food. the shopping. OUR HOTEL!! amsterdam takes a very close second. THE GRASS!! germany was very cool and i was surprised at how much of the language i remembered and was able to use (from college).

after spending today settling in at home, i must say i am glad to be here. i am more glad to have the memories of a trip i will remember fondly!!!

::: posted by me at 6.8.02



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