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Saturday, June 29, 2002 :::

funk and stance

the fabulous day of graduation is nearing an end. i spent the majority of the day with my brother. we jointly evacuated my mother's graduation drop-in, complete with tea and cookies. instead we spent the afternoon watching boats on lake champlain. the mountains were gorgeous. the conversation was as, if not more, amusing as usual. i say this everytime i see my brother, but we could not be more similar and opposite.

i see my sister maturing so nicely. i did have concerns of my creation in her. her likeness to my determined individuality has always been obvious. it's nice to see her learn to temper that with just a little ration of sensibility. the brief visit here has me so anxious for her move to georgia. my fear of becoming a third parent has been alleviated.

matt and i plan to play tonight. my prediction is a mellow continuation of our harsh banter. verbal punches below the belt: the most amusing and effective way to show brotherly love.

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Friday, June 28, 2002 :::

walt's weekend menu

scrambled family time................$ one headache

grilled patience..........................$ two and a half headaches

fried rushed potatoes...............$ five pounds

lil sis's magical potion.................PRICELESS

i'm actually quite excited to visit with my family this weekend. i am, however, acutely aware of my participation in an AGENDA packed weekend. not to worry, walt follows directions well.

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Thursday, June 27, 2002 :::


walt has many faces, personalities, interests and approaches to life. they can, however, be divided into two distinct categories. although the degrees vary within each category, there are definitely just two. the first is sunday (NIGHT) through wednesday (NIGHT). the second is thursday (MORNING) through sunday (DAY).

walt one pays attention to detail. he gets many things accomplished. he is focused. he is driven. he is motivated to make things happen.

walt two is a lot more fun. he likes to socialize. he enjoys a good time. he still completes the absolute necessary tasks, but tends to live on the more carefree side of the spectrum.

today is thursday. any questions?

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002 :::

can't catch breath

P-A-N-I-C A-T-T-A-C-K! blink. walk around the room. sit down. dial a telephone number. walk around the room. wash clothes. clean dishes. sit down. dial a telephone number. open back door. walk outside. walk inside. blink. blink. blink.

now that we covered my actions of the last fifteen minutes, i have something to say: I TURN THIRTY IN LESS than ONE MONTH. what have i done with my life? what am i doing with my life? what will i do with my life? how is the major plan working out to date? PLAN?! what plan?

i know. i am being completely silly and melodramatic, but i just cannot change the silly little voices in my head.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002 :::
gay, gay, gay

tuesday evening and all is still well. this week does not even seem real. philip left town on business today. i'm missing gay pride this weekend. i'm so focused on accomplishing every item on my to-do list, because i know friday's arrive quicky. (and) i'll be on a flight to up-state new york. i watch my baby sister's graduation from high school on saturday. so strange.

i consider how little i knew when i was her age compared to now. next, i take time to remember how much i thought i knew. finally, think about the fact i think i know so much now and i'll be laughing at myself again in five more years. the circle never ends; that's why it is a circle.

this morning parker (my sister) and i discussed her apartment for next year. she was telling me of the furniture and things she's been buying for her freshman year of school. i remember my freshman year of school and i was not getting table sets, kitchenware, televisions, etc. i roughed it in a freshman dorm. i have to say i am not envious. i would not trade my college experiences for anything (except the sexual ones-they would all be homosexual ones instead). if only i had known...

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Monday, June 24, 2002 :::

monday isn't so bad

weekends as fun as my weekend cannot be planned. from the braves game with john, bret and philip to the dance floor with said crew and many friends (including my ex), to a small dinner gathering at philip's saturday evening, to sleeping late on sunday and planning our trip to europe... MY WEEKEND WAS A BLAST.

i do not think you can plan fun like this in advance. it just has to happen. when you blow it out so completely over the weekend, work really isn't the end of the world. it's just time to rest for another weekend...

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Thursday, June 20, 2002 :::


it is the summer of 2002. i wish someone would just tell me which way is up. another week has vanished without me even taking the opportunity to relish the joys of summer. it is thursday and i missed every opportunity to get out and socialize. however, my weekends always seem to be chocked full of fun to compensate for my work-laden weeks. tomorrow night should be mounds of fun at the braves game with atlanta's sexy-butch(ish)-drag-number.

i swear, at this rate i am not even going to have the opportunity to become excited about my summer vacation. the weeks are zooming past me. i just wish i could hit the pause button for a week and soak up the sun. does anyone know where that is? i mean, steve and crew are off to p-town in a matter of days. i have not even thought about what my fourth of july will entail. will you dance a little dance for me?

at least tomorrow is an easy day. friday's seem to be this way lately... HAPPY WEEKEND WORLD!

::: posted by me at 20.6.02

Wednesday, June 19, 2002 :::
talkin' bout last night

has anyone checked out fox's new show? it is an absolute riot. teenagers/young adults are competing to become america's next idol. the new christina, madonna, whitney or whatever could be right in front of your eyes.

it is a major thing. the next time i'm on the dance floor, it could be fox's american idol's song remixing above. every dj will be jumping to play the music of fox's american idol. i mean, come on... paula abdul is even one of the judges. THAT is worth something, right?

sadly, philip and i are both a little into the show...

::: posted by me at 19.6.02

Monday, June 17, 2002 :::

the summer sun is calling my name

it is monday morning and i am in a good mood. what is happening to me?

::: posted by me at 17.6.02

Saturday, June 15, 2002 :::

i think i'll go for a walk outside

karen is in town. she came in from the horse show on thursday evening for a dinner with philip, bret and me. the four of us sat outside, smoked, talked, laughed and guzzled alcohol (karen, philip and i went through six bottles of wine-can we say PROBLEM?).

the problem with the fun of the evening was waking at five o'clock on friday morning. karen had to be risen from the bed to make the morning classes at the show. i had to be risen from the bed to drive from atlanta to florence, alabama (4.5 hours, one-way, THANK YOU!).

needless to say it was a long day in the car. the scenery was gorgeous, and the conversation... it was engaging. by the time i arrived back into atlanta i was greeted with a mob of friday afternoon traffic. it was a nightmare. i tried to navigate sidestreets with your help, but still ended in a bind.

i finally arrived home in time to relax with my beau and have a lovely celebratory dinner at wisteria. it was well worth an eleven hour day. the food was awesome. the service was way above par. the ambiance was perfectly simple. i'll go again.

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Thursday, June 13, 2002 :::


what day is today? where am i? what happened to the week? where are my friends? what is my social life? oh, yes. it is thursday. i am in atlanta. i worked the majority of my week. most of my friends are working too. my social life has finally taken a backseat to other priorities.

time continues to move more and more quickly. i feel like i see my friends less and less. i think they understand i love them. when we visit it is always quality, but the time together seems less frequent. i miss it, but at the same time am finding myself completely satisfied and fulfilled from my life as it stands.

there are things i would like in greater quanitites, like: time, money, time, money, time and money. however, i can honestly say i am completely content with the way things are in my life. i have great friends (who i do not see enough, as previously stated). i have a wonderful boyfriend (who i have been dating a year and dating exclusively six months as of tomorrow). my family is great (and my sister is moving to atlanta).

so, why am i babbling all of this? because it seems i have not even made time to acknowledge how fortunate i am lately. so, i just did...

happy thursday (off to alabama for meetings tomorrow, so you'll see me next week).

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Monday, June 10, 2002 :::

follow me!

this was a weekend that illustrates what i love about the weekend. you just sit back, make minimal plans and let the events take you wherever they go. the cancellation of dinner with my california-co-workin'-friend led philip and me to a lovely dinner at anis. after dinner we found ourselves chasing (and finding) fun in every place imaginable. from the eagle, to the heretic, to laura's (where we saw rick, dale, ms. cult jam, brandi, kim, et. al.) and ending at crescent room.

saturday was a day for philip and me. he ran to his nephew's birthday party, while i recovered. we were domestic and accomplished much yardwork in the afternoon. the evening was spent enjoying a yummy home-cooked dinner (by chef walt).

sunday was the day of play. poolside with john, bret, ross and philip. a late afternoon trip to cliff and steve's with philip and john, where we laughed (laughed and laughed and laughed). we found our way home, into bed and asleep before dark. not a complaint from anyone!

monday's are always the enemy after a relaxing weekend. i, somehow, geared up and met the challenges of the week. i even had the chance to enjoy lunch with my friend from california. it is so funny how eight years changes a person's life, but not really the person. she's hilarious, still. she was sharing her use of medicine to ensure the sleep of her sons. they respond with, "...but mommie, i am not sick!" it was nice to see she has not changed and see her so happy...

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Friday, June 07, 2002 :::


listing it all out...

*i had a meeting today with fat albert's long-lost sister. you cannot begin to understand.

*my ex-wife, recently laid off, called and has been driving cross-country with her mother for the past two weeks (jealous!).
*philip's dog is sick and spending her second night at the vet (frowning).
*dinner tonight with my favorite co-worker when i lived in los angeles at wisteria. has motherhood altered her drinking/smoking?
*weekend=smokin' dope

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Thursday, June 06, 2002 :::


i am driving into the office this afternoon after a productive morning. i am causing no harm to the world. i am sending no bad karma anywhere. i am using my signals. i am driving the speed limit. i am wearing my seatbelt. what happens? a big, FUCKING iron-thingy from some truck NAILS my windshield and it cracks all over the place. luckily, i can expense the cost at work. luckily, the collision was somewhat lessened by the frame of my car. ...but what the hell? why me?

::: posted by me at 6.6.02

Wednesday, June 05, 2002 :::

oh my

edna sent me this link today and said it reminded her of me. is this bad?

::: posted by me at 5.6.02

Tuesday, June 04, 2002 :::

where does the time go?

it is tuesday morning and the weekend seems so far in my past, i vaguely remember of what it consisted. friday night was a much enjoyed, quiet night at home with philip. saturday was a little more busy. it started productive, but we were derailed by the virginia highland festival by mid-afternoon. the evening offered a party at john's, where i turned the derailment into a train wreck (or something like that). i enjoyed the opportunity to meet you and you.

sunday, again, commenced with productive efforts; they were quickly abandoned for poolside play. the rest of the day can be summed by a simple: oi vey!

::: posted by me at 4.6.02



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