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Friday, May 31, 2002 :::


yes, i think i will have ten martinis. yes, i think i will slur. yes, i think i will be a complete ass. i wonder if i could have the same buzz by eating all of the money i spent last night?

so, i'm a drunk, but i am smiling today and everything is grande. go figure.

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Thursday, May 30, 2002 :::

are ya'll ready for this?

this is my horoscope today:

to your biggest surprise, walt, your masculinity captivates those around you. at work or in your social life, you sparkle like a diamond. LEOS can become very powerful when they have nothing to prove! you will also find out that the more you act like a child, the more people will be receptive to your needs.

yes, it is quite surprising my masculinity will be captivating those around me. watch out, i may start marking my territory.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002 :::

get busy

my friend linda is starting her own company. she started her diet over a year ago. her motivation has amazed me. you must check it out.

it seems lots of people in my life lately are motivating me in strange and new ways. i am finding grounding sources. i am enjoying life.

spending memorial day with my family was another step in the right direction. seeing miranda and john's (miranda is my favorite cousin) family really made me think about life and what is important. their two-year-old daughter and six month old son are the cutest, most well-behaved, loved children.

is all of this motivation and evaluation related to the upcoming THREE-OH?

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Tuesday, May 28, 2002 :::

memorable daze

i did not know what to expect of a memorial day weekend with my boyfriend, my extended family and an awesome island. i did not know i could expect my family to be so welcoming, accomodating and comforting. i should know this, but i just did not know what to expect.

i knew the visit was going to go well when philip asked me (the first night of our trip), "when are we coming back?" he clicked so well with everyone. the crew felt comfortable enough with him to include him in our typical banter. i could not design it more perfectly.

we spent half of our time visiting and the other half doing our thing. we took a day trip to morehead city for drinks and lunch. we spent another afternoon lunching and drinking in swansboro. we kayaked (and kayaked and kayaked) to an uninhabited island and were nearly attacked by birds as we neared their young.

i was able to enjoy breakfast with my grandmother. we also ended the trip by visiting my other grandmother's burial site last night. it was a very well-rounded-much-needed-much-desired weekend. my head is cleared. my body is rested.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2002 :::

i got home early and even had time to take an online quiz.... woa!

Which Piercing are you?

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as the week turns

i see the holiday weekend. i feel the holiday weekend. i smell the holiday weekend. i taste the holiday weekend. i hear the holiday weekend. tomorrow night i will be en route to north carolina thanks to a free ticket.

philip and i are spending memorial day weekend with my dad's sister (that would be my aunt) and her family. cousins range in age from 32 to 8. one cousin has two babies. it is going to be a fam-damn-family weekend (and i cannot wait). they have just completed construction of their fourth beach home. my uncle designed this one too. i love his work, so i am anxious to see the latest.

my parents do not even know i have a boyfriend (or do they-they never ask), yet my aunt is giving my beau and me a room in their home for the weekend. this is my first time taking a (male) significant other to meet family. i'm excited about it. i cannot wait to see how the whole thing goes.

if i don't have time before i depart... HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO ALL!

::: posted by me at 22.5.02

Tuesday, May 21, 2002 :::


i had the opportunity to meet philip's uncle at lunch today. he is visiting from california until tomorrow. we had a rendez-vous at a typical chain restaurant found in the 'burbs of atlanta.

i enjoyed chatting with paul. he was extremely personable and very interesting. he's in the process of writing a book. it was intriguing to hear about the book, how it developed, his research and his vision. it made me wonder when the subject of my book will unfold. i know it will come in time. it will come when i actually have time.

it is difficult enough to find blogging time lately. how is everyone? i'll catch up on reading blogs soon?!?

::: posted by me at 21.5.02

Saturday, May 18, 2002 :::

things i know, do not know and that do not matter...

i have always heard the best way to improve is to practice. that being said, excuse my writing skills. i feel so far removed from my blog, fellow bloggers and blog patrons as a result of my new position. while i do miss having hours upon hours in the office to focus on my writing and blogging interest, i am enjoying work and life much more. i finish work (early) every day and have concrete evidence of my performance. my approach seems to be subdued, yet focused; and it feels FANTASTIC.

philip and i had another relaxed week. thursday night dinner on the patio was my favorite evening. he's in winston-salem, north carolina celebrating his 90yo, lesbian, great aunt's birthday this weekend. her 60-something lover is hosting the bash. does life continue to get more and more entertaining (or what)? next weekend we're off to north carolina to spend memorial day with some extended family of mine at their place on the coast. i cannot wait. it will be more of the quality time i cherish so much.

dinner with bret and john resulted in us being over dressed to sit in the back and chill. did anyone cancel our dinner reservation? john and i bolted early for a brief stay at an eclectic art opening. the crowd was funky, but needed seven or thirty more pretty faces.

today is MY day. no plans. nothing. just MMEE!!!! NOW, what is wrong with that?

::: posted by me at 18.5.02

Tuesday, May 14, 2002 :::


the things i found humorous at the trade show and the drive today included:

*women whose dresses looked like laura ashley drapes
*wide asses
*the people who sneak extra giveaways from your table (when they are already free)
*people who claim to actually enjoy trade shows
*the bumper sticker that read: "it's hard to be humble when you own a german shepard!" huh?
*the music played by the local radio stations en route
*the woman who walked from table to table introducing herself as "THE VICE PRESIDENT"

had enough? not me. i'm ready for more tomorrow.

::: posted by me at 14.5.02

Monday, May 13, 2002 :::


i woke up this morning and the day was so beautiful. the sky was blue. the sun promised to shine on my town all day. within three hours clouds began to roll in. the blue broke the clouds from point to point throughout the day, but ultimately thunderstorms won the battle with the sun.

the storm is clearing now. slowly, but steadily it is clearing.

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this week...

...is going to be crazy. i have two trade shows. i have tons of proposals to pull together. the majority of tomorrow will be spent in the car between atlanta and birmingham. how long is that drive anyway? does anyone know?

happy monday...

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Thursday, May 09, 2002 :::
the prettiest baby

i was in the sixth grade and summer would soon commence. it was my mother's day for carpool and i was so happy. her station wagon was much cooler than mrs. garries. she also gave me command of the radio. in other words, my mom was the deal. the bell rang, i ran to the front of carolina elementary school and was greeted by mrs. garries' station wagon. i was disappointed, but got into the car. i knew home was less than one mile.

we pulled into the driveway and mom's car was not home. in the place of mom's car was grandmother's car. i knew what was going down. i ran into the house and screamed, "grandmother, grandmother! is mom in the hospital?" she replied, "yes, darlin'. nothing has happened yet."

fifteen minutes later the phone rang. before anyone could answer, i blurted, "it is a girl. her name is parker lynn. she weighs seven pounds and eight ounces." i answered the phone and the exact same words were repeated to me by my father. it happened. my new baby sister arrived.

today marks the eighteenth time i have recounted this memory on the afternoon of parker's birth. i feel so old knowing my sister is eighteen. she'll be in atlanta next year for her first year of college. she's all grown up. she's my baby, but she's all grown up.

happy birthday, parker. i love you!

::: posted by me at 9.5.02

Tuesday, May 07, 2002 :::

right here, right now

i am sitting in a quiet house for the first time in nearly a week. i had a great visit with jefferson over the weekend, but i always miss my downtime. my time. my solitude. i have it right now. i am very thankful.

i am also pleased to announce i have no plans (outside of work) until saturday night. i am cooking dinner in with philip, watching movies (or television or reading) and chilling out ALL WEEK LONG. as recently as six months ago an unscheduled evening or two would eat at me; now i relish it. completely.

is it sad i finally have downtime and the only thing i can write is how happy i am to be alone and have no plans?

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but, i just have to say: there is nothing like great sex before work. what more could you ask for after a tough morning workout? nothing! i'm in the best mood today.

back to work.

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Friday, May 03, 2002 :::

isn't this fun absolutely entertaining???

i know the innnnernet is supposed to be helpful in a corporate environment. however, i find myself running circles around what i previously considered productive. yes, i miss my continuous exploration and finding useful 411 from the innnnnernet, but i think this is actually good for me to have technology stripped. it requires me to practice the formerly underutilized organizational skills.

jefferson is here from los angeles. he's doing marketing promotions for the incubus tour again and living on the tour bus (i do not know how he does it). but, it is so wonderful to see him. he is the deal. he's my college fraternity brother and soul sister and danger twin who has seen me through so many things (starting at the age of eighteen and still going). it was very cool to see he and philip connect last night. they both came completely as themselves and it rocked. halo was adorned with the perfect number of patrons. it was a lovely evening. just lovely.

so, i miss talking to the sexy d. and i miss reading your blog. i miss my troublemakin-crazyass-personwhothinksimamess-bitchofawhore-sistersister. who is my DC girly? how about the new blogger girls in atlanta? and, and, and... what is that groper doing to the cutie in new york now? must go read this and more to see for myself...

ahhhh, today starts the weekend!!!! bret and i are having a little party on saturday night. local friends: COME ON OVER, SAY HELLO AND MEET THE GUEST OF HONOR: JEFFERSON! if you need directions email me @ walterphelps@yahoo.com (or just follow the booze from ansley wine merchants).

::: posted by me at 3.5.02



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